What can I-Haul-Junk, Inc. Do for you ?

We can remove any and all Garbage, Trash, Junk, Construction Debris, Waste and or Rubbish, from your Home, Business, even curbside. We remove temporary walls, we clean out storage units, attics, basements, backyards, even rooftops. We tear down and remove sheds, you name it we can remove it. Furniture, electronics we remove it all. You can schedule an appointment to have one item removed or schedule an appointment to clean out an entire house, warehouse, or business. We’re equipped to handle projects of all sizes. We are available every day even on holidays. Schedule your appointment today, we even offer same-day appointments.

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We save about 15,000 items per year from being dumped in landfills by recycling. Choose I-Haul and help save the planet
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Bereavement Services

construction debris removal

Home and business removal services

Single Item / Why Choose Us?

Company Story

When our founder and C.E.O, was in his sophomore year of college, in 2012, he entered into a Shark Tank style business pitch competition, for a grand prize of up to $100,000 dollars in start up capital. The requirement were participants must start a business that can hire a lot of people and the business must not require a store front. After thinking long and hard and doing a ton of research, he decided to start a Junk removal company, I-Haul-Junk. He competed against fifty other men and women and he came in first place winning the Grand Prize , start up capital. In his first year of business he hired over 20 men from various backgrounds, Veterans, Men newly released from prison, at risk youth and women. Today I-HAUL-JUNK Inc. removes junk daily from Homes and Businesses location within NYC, Westchester and select parts of New Jersey.

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How it works

First, you’ll schedule an appointment over the phone or online.

Next, our uniformed staff will come to your location, access your junk removal needs, then give you a quote.

Next, we will either start the removal the same day or schedule another day and time of your choice to do the removal.

On the day of your appointment our staff will remove the “Junk” from wherever it’s, located. Load the “Junk” onto our truck. After all items/junk has been, loaded, one staff member will collect the payment while the other thoroughly sweep the area. replace I-haul-Junk with pricing.


At i-haul-junk, Inc. We price according to volume, not by the amount of time it takes our guys to do the removal, labor is included. Scroll over the truck image to get an idea of typical junk sizes and estimated removal prices.

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Schedule a free no obligation, quote appointment today.  Our team will give you a free on-site estimate. The price will be confirmed with you before we begin your removal.

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