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By hiring us, you’re not only going to get exceptional service at an affordable rate. You’ll also be doing your part in saving the planet and helping society as a whole. We recycle an average of 30%-60% of each load. The items we recycle would otherwise end up in landfills and increase global warming. Additionally, we preferable hire men and women who may be overlooked by society, and who have been struggling to find work; Veterans, the formerly Incarcerated, and at-risk youth are the demographic of most of our staff. Choosing us to do your removal has a snowball effect, it just gets better and better. Who knew getting junk removed had all these positive effects on society? We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Do a good deed! Choose I-Haul-Junk, Inc for any and all your junk removal services, we would like to be your designated haulers. Schedule an appointment today and experience all the joy we bring to the world.